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Student SaskMoneyMinute

Student SaskMoneyMinute is an engaging project for secondary students, presented by Affinity Credit Union. This project is a fun way for students to meet curricular outcomes and share their learning with an audience beyond the classroom. 

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Project Overview

Student SaskMoneyMinute challenges grade 10-12 students across Saskatchewan to create a one-minute video that teaches their peers about a healthy financial habit relevant to their age group. The topic choice must be connected directly to a module in the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy curriculum. Students are encouraged to be creative with their project, and they should consider how this video will engage and inform their peers when shared via social media.



This contest is open to students who are currently registered in Grade 10, 11, or 12 in a Saskatchewan-based high school.

Students must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students who are currently enrolled in a Financial Literacy 20/30 course.
  • Students studying Financial Literacy outcomes as part of a course or Practical and Applied Arts survey (i.e. Life Transitions, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Math Foundations 30 etc.)
  • Students who successfully completed a Financial Literacy course prior to this current semester may enter. Please ask your past Financial Literacy/PAA/Math teacher for support. These students must still be enrolled in a Saskatchewan high school.
  • Prize winners from Semester 1 are not eligible to submit a project in Semester 2.

Previous prize winners are not eligible to enter.

One entry per student including those working in a group.

Students in a class that is not participating in this project may enter individually with help from their teacher.



This project has two submission deadlines in 2024. Prizes are awarded for both semesters!

  • January 26 (Semester 1)
  • June 21 (Semester 2)


Submission Guidelines 

  • Videos must be no longer than 60 seconds.
  • Music should not be used in the video, and visual content should be original. This will help:
    • avoid copyright conflicts.
    • the team at Studio D brand each winner’s video with contest and sponsor graphics.
  • If the use of logos of financial institutions is necessary in a video, please feature Affinity Credit Union.
  • If students are too shy to appear on camera, animations, closed captioning, voiceovers, and other creative techniques can be used to deliver a strong message effectively and creatively.
  • A consent form must be completed allowing the video to be shared online and the video to be branded with project and sponsor logos.


Submission Process

  • More than one class per school may enter.
  • Teachers with students completing this project in a class:
    • Teachers will fill out a Google Form (available in June) to inform SaskMoney of how many projects will be submitted from their class.
      • Although there may be more than three projects submitted in your class, you will also be asked to indicate the top 3 projects from your class as chosen by you or your students.
    • Teachers with individual students who are not completing this project in class are also asked to fill out the Google Form.
  • Students are responsible for project submission:
    • Ensure your teacher has completed their Google Form.
    • Students will complete a separate Google Form (available in June) including a list of sources of borrowed content, and information identifying your group members (if applicable). 
    • Once online forms have been received, students will receive a Dropbox link to upload their content (video file and media release form).


Prizes and Judging

At each deadline, a group of volunteer judges will choose a first, second, and third place winner. Prizes include:

  • 1st place = $500. 2nd place = $250. 3rd place = $100.
  • See the Judges’ Rubric below.
  • Note: If students enter as a group, one prize will be awarded for the group to share.

During the following semester, each winner’s video will be branded and shared on and on social media.

Classes and individual students who are not chosen in the top 3 will be entered into a draw for a gift card.



SaskMoneyMinute is a project created by the Saskatoon Industry Education Council’s SaskMoney program. In the past, local financial professionals shared a brief piece of financial advice for students. Past recordings can be found on the Videos page.


Click below to access resources that may be helpful for classroom instruction. If Word Doc versions would be helpful, please email [email protected].