Financial Literacy 20/30

(Grade 11-12)

There are 44 modules worth of activities and resources on this page! 31 modules with the secondary icon are designed for high school instruction in the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy 20/30 curriculum. 


Although some of the content of the 13 other modules are designed for middle years instruction, they are easily adaptable to secondary learners. Teachers, consult your school division to see if the 13 modules have been taught at the middle years level to avoid repetition. 


Simply click on a theme, select a module for instruction, pick an appropriate suggested activity from the Teacher’s Guide, and download the necessary resources to help students meet the module’s outcome.


Note: There are more modules in Saskatchewan’s financial literacy curriculum. Please visit the Ministry’s website for more information, and see the suggested split of modules between 20 & 30 level courses.



Note: Many indicators for Modules 14A & 14C can be explored through the CRA’s Learn About Your Taxes program.